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Some important things to know when using our Control Panel

  1. If you want to create Linux VPS, make sure to enter your public key in your account settings. There is no password for the root account. You can generate the key pair using ssh-keygen on Linux or on Windows.
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    For example, your key may look like this:
    NrRFi9wrf+M7Q== schacon@mylaptop.local
  2. After that, you can create your VPS by going to VM tab and pressing green Plus button
    step 3
  3. Windows Templates do not resize the disk automatically, to do so please click Server Management->Tools->Computer Management->Disk Management and extend your disk to the maximum available space.
  4. It might be necessary to reboot your Linux VM to resize the root partition to all available space.
  5. Use putty or any SSH client to connect to your VPS using the IP address provided in the activation e-mail and your private key. The username is root.
  6. Finally, you can use VNC console to watch how your VPS boots or debug any problems with it (KVM plans only)
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