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Terms of Service

Wishosting can suspend any service provided with or without a refund or notification for any reason. Wishosting can change the Terms of Service at any time without client notification.

Terms of Usage

All VPSs are subject to the fair usage policy. This implies CPU/disk/network usage. You are allowed to burst 100% usage of allocated resources for no longer than 10 minutes in 2 hours period. If your CPU/Network/IO load is constant, it shouldn't exceed 15% of the allocated resources. KVM line has an unlimited CPU usage policy if you use one VM per package. Wishosting has the right to limit or suspend your service in case we believe your VPS is above its allowed usage.

Wishosting services are unmanaged. It means we do provide support for the following area only:
1) Network problems
2) OS Installation problems
Our support does not help with software configuration issues and so on.

Wishosting verifies client information before accepting orders. If the verification procedure does not pass, your order will be cancelled. If you intentionally created an account with false information, it will be suspended. If your order was cancelled due to a verification problem, you may submit your proof of ID and/or address. It will be manually checked and if the information matches with information in our system, your order will be processed.
Each client may have only one account with Wishosting. Permission to create additional accounts must be requested via ticket prior to ordering. All related accounts may be suspended and/or terminated if permission has not been requested before creating more than one.

It is required to respond to abuse reports within 12 hours. If the abuse report is not addressed in a timely manner, your account may be suspended or terminated. Any kind of abuse directed towards our support staff will result in an account termination. No refund will be provided if the account or service is terminated due to abuse.

Wishosting does not take backups of client VPS data. Customers are fully responsible for backups of their data in case of data loss. Thus customers are encouraged to do regular backups of their data.

Acceptable Use
The following list contains the software and content that is prohibited on our servers:
1) Proxies or VPNs that are not for personal usage
2) TOR nodes
3) Cryptominers (except V-Dedicated packages)
4) IRC bouncers
5) Port scanners
6) Adult content

Administration Fees
1) There is an administration fee of $25 to withdraw customer credits. Customer credits can be returned to the original payment method only. Credits older than 180 days can't be refunded.
2) There is a $15 administration fee for changing the due date of the invoice. The customer account must be in good standing with Wishosting and the new due date can't be more than 14 days ahead of the initial one.

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